Checklist for Choosing a Removals Company for Your Home or Office

When preparing to move either from one house to the next or from one office space to the next, there is a whole host of things to prepare and consider. The entire process can be rather overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming. Then you add in the fact that there is a completion date, which puts even more pressure on you to be organised and out by a firm date.


So, what can you do to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, nothing gets left behind, items aren’t lost or broken during the move, and that you get out on time? One solution is to hire a removals company that will be able to move all the stuff for you. If this sounds like the perfect solution for the stress and headaches the move is causing you, then this checklist of things to consider when hiring a removal company is a must-have.

How Close is the Company in Relation To You?

The first question you’ll want to start with is where the actual removal company is located. Picking a local company is usually a good way to go, as they won’t have far to travel, which means you know they will be there on time. You also won’t have to worry about paying a premium price in order for them to travel further to reach you. We are based in Birkenhead, Wirral and we are actually the closest removals company to Liverpool city centre.

How Long Has the Company Been Around?

It’s always a good idea to pick a company that is established and has a good solid reputation in the business. Before you hire a removal company, ask how long they have been in business and what kind of jobs they typically take on.

It's also very important to ask about coverage or insurance should any of your items be damaged or lost during the process. John Mighalls' Removals was established in 1977.

What Are the Online Reviewers Saying?

Online reviews can also be extremely helpful when it comes to picking a removal company. You’ll be able to read about such things as the quality of the service, how careful the movers were with peoples’ belongings, how organised they were, how speedy the service was, etc.. One look in Google at our reviews will show you a massive number of excellent ratings and reviews of Mighalls Removals.

What About Pricing?

While pricing shouldn’t be the one and only factor you base your decision on, it does play into the process. Obviously, you want to pick a company that is within your budget, but at the same time, there may be ways you can help to lower the cost. For example, it’s usually cheaper to move during the week rather than on a weekend, and if you do all the packing and organising then you just have to pay the company to remove the items from your house and put them in the new one.

What Will be Expected from You on the Day of the Move?

It’s also a good idea to discuss what will be expected of you on the move date? Will you need to be there to supervise or is it better for you to be out of the way? You also want to ask questions like what time they will arrive in the morning (if you’re setting up a morning move), how long the loading will take, and then the unloading.

By using this checklist, you’ll be able to find the perfect removal company for your needs, whether it’s your house or office that you are moving out of. We are sure that you will be most happy using the services of John Mighalls' Removals and Storage.